Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Olympus 510 camera issues

If you own a 500 or 510 Olympus Evolt camera, there is a high chance that just about every shot you take comes out blurry. You use say a Nikon and this doesn't happen, with the same shot.
Problem is... as I am slowly finding can't run the Evolt 510 on the factory settings and get a good picture.

Now I have only tried this with Action shots in the house with cats but I have high hopes this will work for outside actions shots,,say like running horses.

If you are getting Blurry photos no matter what you do,
Try this....

Nosie Filter- Low
Noise reduction- Off

The Catch...have to change the settings back to this each time you turn the camera on. Not perfect but you should at least get some good shots.

Flash metering issue....

Your flash is taking forever metering in average indoor light or even in good light.

Turn the "AF Illuminator" off.

MENU->[Wrench1]->[AF ILLUMINAT.]->[OFF]

This should get the camera to take the photo a little faster, with out that annoying low-light AF assist pulse.

Will add more tips, as I get more annoyed with this camera, and start pushing buttons.

But if you are shopping for a good camera for Action shots in low light... get a Nikon D300.