Monday, December 14, 2009

Tabby on Sofa WIP 10

The first and second layers of color are finally done on the Sofa. Now I just have to decide to antique the sofa or leave it bright like it is.
I am still working on the first of the inner stripes and just about to the last part of the Tabby's back leg.
Started adding some very light shading washes to her belly, back leg and the toy she is laying next too.
As I work on the light areas , so I do not get muddy washes, I normally remove my pencil marks before I start to paint. So it requires me to remember the contours of her body.

Another close up to show some of the detail that has been applied so far. Can see the first wash of color of the toy on the bottom of the photo and have applied a very light wash on the white parts of her face. Most white you see, isn't just plain white...but varying shades of this color.
Then there is the first inking of the inner stripes, there are millions of them.
This Close up will also show you why it takes so long for me to do these paintings.