Monday, April 26, 2010

Shogun Castle WIP

I have been a bit slow to start my next project. Was thinking of doing something little more simple this time but I decided to do a Shogun Castle based on the photo my DH took in Japan in 1980. Seems I can't do anything easy. ;O)
You can see a print out of the old photo above and me lightly penciling in the castle, so I know where to apply the first Ink.

I wanted to work on the sky first and was thinking of doing a soft sunset with the clouds radiating out from the Castle. Decided I did not like it... or maybe it might work, with some more shading added. Still not happy so I started over again. I rarely have this issue but for some reason, this time I do.

Its really hard to see the pencil lines of the Castle but I have started on a different sky, more simple. The photograph of the painting's color is a bit off due to the camera and the lighting in the house.

More to come ~