Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cafe Press Sweat Long term shirt review

In 2007 I bought 3 Cafe Press heavy duty Hanes sweat shirts, as a product testing and trial run.

First two years I washed them as recommend on the tags, and wearing one every day for Farm chores such as taking care of horse's, gardening or fixing fence, the sweat shirt's printing, fabric and elastic cuffs still look like new.

From the end of 2009 to now.. I decided to abuse them in the Wash too, using super hot water in a heavy duty wash cycle.
The main body of the fabric is holding up well, as it the print job...which kind of surprised me but in a good way. However, the Elastic around the neck and cuff's are starting to get stretched.

Is again surprising how well these Cafe Press sweat shirts have held up to daily abuse and very please with the quality, and those that know me, know I don't say that lightly.

These Sweat shirts are excellent quality, nice and thick, which I love.

I have just ordered another couple of sweat shirts to make sure the quality is still high.