Sunday, March 27, 2011

Unique 2 sided Business Cards

I am offering some new Style fully custom two sided Business cards, for those that like something a little different and Unique.

String of Jewels profilecard
String of Jewels by InkandBrushcreations

Celestial Maiden profilecard
Celestial Maiden by InkandBrushcreations

Corsair and Flag ~ 2 sided Custom Business card profilecard
Corsair and Flag ~ 2 sided Custom Business card by InkandBrush

Vintage Icelandic profilecard
Vintage Icelandic by InkandBrush

If you would like cut in lettering or shadow letters, I have to do that on my computer for you and then offer it in the shop, just let me know.
Of normal type lettering you can buy direct from Zazzle.


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