Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Unicorn Icelandic is Finished

Pretty sure I have finished this painting. Some times I am not sure but with this one, I do not want to over paint and end up ruining it.

The Scanner was having a bit of a problem with the contrast between the snow and the darker back ground.

I have put two slightly different variations on the Blog and would love to hear from you, which you like best.

The one above's background is like the painting. The one below, the Unicorn is more like the painting.
Some of the print shops would most likely do better with the one below but I am not sure until I can order some samples.

Not sure if there are Unicorn's in the Icelandic Horse culture but if there isn't, there is one now. ;O)
I will be uploading this painting to my various online shops in the next couple of weeks.