Monday, July 4, 2011

Nari Work in Progress ~ 1

I decided to do a Pen and Ink with a watercolor pencil wash of my family's fixed Maine Coon cat Nari. She is very photogenic, even with my evolt 510 camera not playing nice.
Above you can see my photograph, that I am using as my reference.

You can also see I am penciling in key area's so I could start this new painting. I find it easier for me to keep the balance of what I am working on in perspective.
If I have larger dark area's, I will put an X, in those spots to help me remember where they need to be.

Am using my favorite Hot press watercolor Paper.

I decided to start with the first layer of eye color. And I will do about 10 layers to get the color depth I am looking for.

At this point, I have added a couple more layers of color to the eyes and the first layer of color to the pinkish area of her nose. I plan on finishing up her eye color, nose and mouth before I start Inking in her fur.