Thursday, February 28, 2013

Long term testing of products

When I can, I do long term testing of some of the products I offer.
This helps insure my buyers will receive the best quality items I can offer.

Above is a Travel Mug from Cafe Press. It is a sturdy mug, well made and DH has been testing this one.
So far, it is well made enough to handle my DH using it, he likes how sturdy/solid it is. Keeps the coffee nice and hot for long periods of time.

Next one is a water bottle from Zazzle. This water bottle is both, made and printed on, in the USA.
I will be testing this one. The print is excellent, so is the quality of this product.
I would however, recommend getting the top with the straw in it.

The on going testing of Zazzle's playing cards is also going well.
Have been using one deck of cards nearly every evening now, playing cribbage with the family.

No signs of wear at this point, which is impressive.  Since we tend to kill decks of cards quickly.

So far, I recommend the Zazzle playing cards, they are spendy, but worth it.