Monday, February 24, 2014

Staying in business for another year......

I have decided to try to stay in business for one more year.

Still have no idea what the county is going to charge me in Taxes this year.
Either way, it will hurt.

If I do not make money in the third year and per the Feds... that's it. 
At least in this State.

So if someone has any idea on how to do more free advertising, let me know.

I already, use FB as you know... sure I am boring everyone to death with that.
Use Twitter too.

Use the sales board for the Miniature horse part of things.. 
am paying to advertise in the Icelandic Horse congress.

Have my Blog.

Have a website, but I am going to have to let that go shortly.........
Which is going to cause issues.... as my business cards and a lot of my greeting cards and calendars have that web address on the back.

There are no Art Galleries local... most close is Richmond or DC.... crazy drives, specially to DC. 

Closed a couple of Online Galleries. Managed to go back to the free Gallery at Image Kind.

Will be keeping these Galleries and Online shops...


Cafe Press

Image Kind


Fine Art America


Society 6  (for now)