Monday, April 28, 2008

Japanese Garden, a challenge!

It was time again, for the Portland Oregon Japanese Garden yearly sale.

Last year I basically couldn't walk after the accident and even with special help only got to the beginning of the Tree Sale area. Venders went out of their way to be kind and I lucked out in getting the Japanese Maple Filigree"". It was a grand prize. But I was not in any shape to go into the gardens.

All year I waited for this day again.

I am walking better..still limited in how much I can walk and using a Cane but it is soooo much better than last year. Not only did I get to walk down the area where the plants are for sale, I was able to make it into the gardens themselves.

Enjoyed walking and taking pictures in about 1/2 of the garden but was unable to handle the rest.....yet. Sadly the light was harsh and near impossible to get good photos but doing things my way... I tried anyway. You can see some of the photographs at my "Image Kind" online store.

Did end up with 2 Japanese maples.. a very large "AP Aoyagi" one of the taller upper story trees and the "AP Mikawa Yatsubusa". Will add photos soon.

Not only have I found my Art again,, I have started collecting Japanese maples. The Elegance, beauty, textures and colors makes this a wonderful tree for Artists or anyone else to collect.

If all you photographers want a challenge.. go to your local Japanese Gardens. From the lighting, heavy shade to glow in the dark sunlight flittering down between the trees. From the elegant seemingly simple designs of the garden in person, to finding from looking at your photos,,the designs are anything but simple. The layers of textures and depth is astounding. A true Challenge.

If you want to check out the Japanese Garden in this area...

Photos taken at the "Japanese Garden" in Portland, OR.