Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kittens, bills and ideas.

First off ....

I should learn to write with more quip and style but have to say,,,that will take me a longgg while. I thought I would share this morning story with you ...........anyway.

This morning while DS was out doing the morning chores, I decided to do the bills and run a scan on the laptop. Had to stay in this side of the house because the kittens have a fit, if I go where they can't see me. They are not spoiled.......really... ;O) So the laptop on the sofa, is scanning away next to me... I sit down with the pile of bills. Sadie decided she wanted to be near me, so I made room. She made sure to rearranges the pens properly for me, purring the whole time of course. After working on the bills a bit, I remember I forgot one and got up to get it. Which had Sadie following me and meowing rather pitifully for me to come back. As I re-enter the room with the bill in hand, Sadie purring around my legs while I walk, is a wonder how they can do that without tripping you up, but that is for another story. There is Nari sitting on my laptop keyboard, with the laptop still scanning away, thank goodness. Mind you there are many other places for her to sit that are clear,,, guess she decided the scan was not doing what it should and tried to help. Sigh ~~ :O)

Just glad I am so smitten with my teenaged kittens and they like to help in anyway they can.

Humm... that just gave me another idea for a painting.

While I do not have a picture of this morning..I do have one where the kittens are helping my DS with his driving course school work.