Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mediums and paper I use~

I had someone ask me what supplies do I use and recommend for painting?

For the Ink...........I use both ink & brush- India waterproof ink and Pens. The pens I prefer are the "Sakura's Pigma Micron Pen" with permanent, waterproof, pigmented ink, in sizes 005 and 01 and for finer work, the "Copic Multiliner" 0.03 Pen.

The best watercolor pencils I have used to date are the "Derwent Watercolour Pencils". Thay can be used dry or wet, on the paper or with a brush.

Paper is just important, maybe even more important than the mediums one uses. When I first started out, I used cold press watercolor paper which did not always hold up well. Then someone recommended to me to try a good quality Hot Press paper. Lets just say, I will never go back to cold press.

I found the best paper for the many layers of ink and watercolor pencil wash I do, is the "Fabriano Artistico" and I prefer their Bright White Watercolor Block. Is a nice smooth 140lb paper, that holds up very well and gives me no problems.

Have found many people become discouraged when the paper they use is not suited for the art they do.

For my Derwent pencil storage, I tossed the tins they came in and bought some nice pencils cases. Makes it so much easier to store and use.

Paint brushes..I use mostly sizes 00, 01, 02, 06. Believe or not my favorite brush is the one that came in the Derwent watercolor pencil set. Princeton's are a cheap brush but hold up very well and are nice to use.

I have included some photos of my instruments of creating. In one photo you can see how I set up what I need, when I am actively painting.

If anyone has some favorites they like to paint with and why, please feel free to add a comment.