Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring Flowers & Snow?

*Today I wake up to snow, then hail, more snow...well you get the idea. It's spring for goodness sakes. However, there was a brief bit of sun shining from behind the clouds in the late afternoon. So I decided,,,yet try to get some good pictures of the camelia's before the cold weather damaged them. They are a hard flower to photograph well.
Think I did a bit better this time. Also included a Rhodie from last year..and some thing I never thought I would see in person. Rainbow very serious,,, all along the Columbia River one day, up in the sky of course..were these beautiful Rainbow clouds. Hard to photograph but well worth the try.

Because of the weather... I did get to work on my Kitten and Books painting. Guess there really is a silver lining.


Christopher Wilde said...

Nice photography. Very pretty, it's spring here too, but not warm enough.