Friday, May 9, 2008

Why I do Graphite Drawings~

Someone asked me why I did Graphite Drawings..since no one seems interested in Black and white drawings or paintings.
Had to think about it a bit. I guess I draw for a couple of reasons. The challenge is to me, unlike painting with is much harder to the the proper shading in a Graphite drawing. And I just like drawing sometimes as a change.
I do know most people have no interest in Black & White Drawings, no matter how well done. Though I hope there are some folks out there that do.
Have been doing a Series of Miniature horse & Human Graphite drawings. The ones below, plus the WIP I showed in one of my earlier entries.
The Drawings are of simple everyday interaction between people and their pets.

They are being offered on items such as Stamps and Mugs to fine Art prints.