Saturday, June 14, 2008

Icelandic & Miniature horse inspiration~

I was asked," what inspired me to paint Icelandic and miniature horses"?
Had to think about that a bit. I guess because I love horses and I own Icelandic and Miniature horses.
These are just some of the ones that have Inspired me to paint them. Most of my Icelandic pen & ink with watercolor wash and graphite, are of these two Icelandic mares...though sometimes with a little color change.

Some photos are taken by me,,,and others by my son.

This is Freydis, a very, very high quality Icelandic mare. Though I have since sold her. She is also now mother to a beautiful filly.
Dyfra, her name means "Mist" in English. I still own and ride her.
Theia, named after a Greek godness's Mother. She is the last foal I had on my farm, almost 6 years ago now.
My Heart and mother of Theia, Maggie. Maggie and her daughter above are miniature horses. Maggie has the most endearing and sweet people loving nature.