Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Next painting started-Trotting Icelandic

Finally decided what I was going to paint next. Not that it is hard to imagine what I might do for this painting. A good friend Dawn Shaw, has kindly let me use her photographs for my paintings, which is great because I am not going to make it to any of the Icelandic horse shows this year.

This is of a Chestnut Stallion in "Extended Trot". Most people are only interested in paintings of Icelandic's Tolting but this photo has so much movement to it, I just had to make it into a painting.

Right now I am working on the undercolor or highlights, if you will. I am only using Watercolor at this point but might add ink later on in this painting. Is a little different style than I have been doing the last year or so.
By the time this painting is done, I will have applied between 15 and 30 layers of color to get the effect I am looking for.
Am doing the first layer now.

Lightly penciled in and shows the copy of the photo I am using.
Bit of the bright yellow in the tail, color to the back leg and ground near the horse.
Working on the head and neck a bit, using a Natural earth pigmented watercolor.
More of the body and areas to leave for highlights.

More to come.