Friday, October 24, 2008

Compassion, Courage and Friendship

This posting was for one boards I am on but I decided to post it here too, musings as it is.

While all this political up heavel was and is happening, tempers flaring, words being said, the hate and aggression, on a couple of Forums I am on and I am sure else where. ..........

This is what I was and am part of, am humbled by.

To help, to offer Compassion, Kindness and Hope, where there seems to be so little these days.

I am donating my Art to causes that need help, I have to buy my own Art to give. Including the one for Chances Miniature horse Rescue, it should bring more than it is. The lack of bids has me shamed, as it is the only piece not getting bids. The only place my Art has not helped.

I have been giving food to the shelters, to the local Elders and help when and where I can even though I physically find it hard. I will not let my inability to walk far or well stop me.
Donating funds for family Housing, for the familys with a loved one with Cancer. So they can be near their child, spouce, sister/brother or other family member during treatment.

My husband only has a contract job and we should be saving every penny but instead I am helping how and where I can.

So what are "You" doing that is positive? What hope and kindness have you done lately?

Want a good gift, showing hope, courage and kindness...
(I recieve no dividens for this book)