Thursday, October 2, 2008

Handspun yarn

Am sure many of you do not realize that I also hand spin 2 ply yarn when I have the time. I have been spinning neigh on 10+ years now.
I have a double treadle Majacraft Saxony, which I just love.

This is some of the imported Gotland fleece I have on my wheel. This is finished yarn being made into a skein.
Normally I just spin local fleece but in the Gotland case, it was a very rare treat indeed to have the privilege to make this into yarn.

This sweater was made of local Coopworth fleece, that I handspun into yarn. My great Aunt Norah then made it into a beautiful sweater for me.

I still have roving left over from my flock of sheep I raised. Most of it being Brecknock Hill Cheviot and Black Welsh Mountain. To have a softer handle to this fleece I added equal parts of Llama fleece from a local Llama breeder.

Also have more Coopworth and Blueface Leicester Roving both coming from local NW sheep breeders.

I do offer hand spun 2 ply yarn for sale at times.

Blue Faced Leiciester~Eru in color, Very soft 5oz- 2 balls to make up total weight, 2ply white, $15.00 very soft.
Black Welsh Mountain ~ 4oz- skein, 2ply dark brown/black $15.00 Course