Monday, February 16, 2009

F-14 TomCat Work in Progress~

Decided to do a painting with out fur this time.
This is one of the many photographs I have taken of Aircraft. This one is a F-14 Tomcat. My DH worked on the flight deck of the USS Ranger and on the Electronics of the first two F-14 models, on the Ranger and two other Carriers.
Here I have rough sketched the fighter jet and just started with the ink.

First layer of the sky and a bit more ink.

Another layer added to the sky above and below the fighter. More in in the dark areas and penciling in a little more detail as needed.
The paper has warped a bit at this point, so the painting doesn't look quite straight. This issue will not be a problem once the painting is finished.

Working on the first couple of layers of color on the underside of the Fighter. Bit more ink work.

Very hard to see but have the first layer of the lightest color on the Wing, have added more layers of color on the tail.
More to come.