Sunday, March 29, 2009

Corsair painting is Finished!

I put the finishing touches on this old Corsair just this morning. It is sitting on a dirt run away with an ominious sky in the back ground. I have used my favorite 140lb hot press paper, Watercolor pencil and Ink.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Another Abstract ~ Angel Fish

This is my latest Digital Abstract, have named this one,
"Angel Fish". Imagine fish in a future space aged aquarium, swimming side by side amongst bright colored interior...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

FG-1D Corsair WIP~4

After about a week break from painting to work on my yarn, I am again working on the Corsair.
Have been working on the lower engine detail and the underside of the fighter. Slowly working layers of color to get the best depth I can.
Still a lot of detail to do.

First Skein of British Top with Silk nearly finished

This is the Green British Top shot through with 35% Tussah silk. Above is the full skein and you can see the beautiful luster this yarn has. I will have another full skein just like this one in the next couple of weeks. Would make a stunning sweater!
Close up of the yarn.

The penny helps show the width of the yarn. I will measure it later with the wrap method.

The skein has had its final wash, in Eucalan wool wash and is now being set. (Flash washed out the color.)
If you are interested in this skein please check out my Esty store.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Working on the Yarn

I am almost finished making a Two Ply Yarn from green British Top shot through with Tussah silk. Silk colors are green, purple, red and blue.
Should have it finished by the end of the week, then I need to wash and set the skein, only then will it be ready for sale and offered at my Etsy Store.
Here you can see me Plying the yarn.

Here is some Blue Faced Leicester just finished up into a two ply skein.

Here you see the same skein still on the skein winder. Can see the width of the yarn via the penny. Sadly I do not knit so I not sure how to let people know the size of the needles they would need. Is something I need to look into.

Spinning the BFL into a Skein.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

FG-1D Corsair WIP~ 3

Continuing to work on the engine, have been spending time working on the lower engine components.
More shading to the body work which needs to be built up slowly to get the best depth.
Added one more wash to the blades.
Should only be a couple more weeks before it is finished.

Friday, March 6, 2009

FG-1D Corsair WIP ~ 2

I spent a number of hours penciling detail in, around the engine. Started adding color to the inside of the engine and props.

Am taking my time adding the dark shading around the engine, added another layer of color on the props. Still lots of color to add to the engine. It looks like it should be simple to paint but it is anything but simple. Also working on the wing shading.

More to come.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

FG-1D Corsair WIP ~

This is the photograph I took, that I am using for this piece. Is of my Favorite fighter the FG-1D Corsair, Navy didn't like them much as these planes were pretty much blind when landing and taking off. Other wise they were a good fighter.
It will be done in Watercolor pencil with a small addition of Ink. Not quite the way I normally do my paintings but I wanted to try to do most of this painting in watercolor.

Here I pencil in the rough shape of the Corsair.

Just started on a murky type of sky background.

Adding the first layers of watercolor and a bit of ink in the dark areas under the wing.

Bit more layers of color, 2nd wash of color on the left wing, first wash of color on the props.

More color and just started adding a bit of depth.

Question- I was asked how I used my watercolor pencils?
I use a larger square brush for the background and yes I use my watercolor pencils. Use them "about" like you would use a cake of watercolor. Except with the pencil it is easier for me.
Use Wet to Wet method for the backgrounds.
I wet my brush use the pencil to rub color directly on my brush and apply paint to the slightly damp watercolor paper.
Detail is done in the same way but just with a smaller brush, can be wet to wet or wet to dry. It takes practice to learn how much watercolor to rub on your brush.
On paintings like this, I never put watercolor pencil to paper as it will not give me the results I want.