Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pintail Duck WIP~

This is one of my Duck photographs and it is of a Pintail duck. This painting will be my more traditional Pen & Ink with watercolor pencil wash.

Took me a few days to roughly pencil it in.

Find that it is better to put the Ink down first, then add the color. Tip: Ink goes on easier straight to the paper, so you should do that first if you can.

You can also see areas that I just started adding color, like I would with Traditional water color, working from light to dark.

I must subconsciously like stripes... was trying to get away from Cat fur stripes but instead... I am painting Duck feather stripes. LOL And this Duck as thousands of them.

Here you can see how I am rough inking in the Ducks head. These are the first layers of feathers. I will be doing 4 to 6 layers of ink on the head alone.