Saturday, May 2, 2009

First Skein of Coopworth Yarn is almost finished~

Here is the finished Skein. There will be another one just like it coming along in a few days.

I am finding this yarn really interesting, it is "Heathered" but it seems to change shades of color depending on the light. Here you see a close up.

You can see the penny showing how thick the yarn is. I did do a Wraps per Inch, which puts it in the Fingering size. I will re measure it and weight the skein, before I put it up for sale at my Esty Shop.

All my skeins are very gently washed hot water with Eucalan wool wash, this is to make sure the yarn is very clean before it is put up for sale. I also set all my yarn because I feel, this makes a more durable yarn. It takes more work but I feel it is important to offer the best quality product I can.