Sunday, May 31, 2009

Icelandic Horse painting

I have penciled in a very rough sketch of Dyfra pacing and have been adding low mountains, some clouds, bit of water and mid ground features..still have to pencil in the foreground rocks and grass. The landscape will look like some place along the Coast where the mountains meet the sea. Rather like many of the places in the Puget Sound.
Where I want very dark areas I place an x, that way I will not forget as the painting progresses.

Couldn't help myself.. had to color in her eye first. Then I started to work on the storm clouds next and figuring out what method I like best for applying the watercolor. I have decided I like the Wet on Wet method best for the clouds, as it looks more natural to me.

Once I am done with the clouds I will work on the Mountains and so on. The Icelandic will most likely be the last part I paint and still at a toss up, to what color to paint the Dyfra.
This is a large painting and will take me quite awhile to complete it.

Close up of her eye... is a bit blurry.