Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This is my wonderful AMHA/AMHR Miniature mare, Maggie. The photograph was taken on my NW Oregon Farm with my Evolt 510 camera.
And a bit of a gripe....
My Evolt needs to go in the shop again because it is now stuck on portrait shots only,, even in manual.
Sad part is.. it has been in the shop before and was told it was worked for a very short while and is now even worse than before. The maker even acknowledged I had an Lemon but they weren't willing to give me a new camera ...however.. they are willing to fix it... on my dime. Needless to say.. the next time I can afford a camera... I am going back to Nikon.
Even my old Nikon can take better action shots than my Olympus 510. I know the issue isn't with me because I can use a friends Nikon D300... the rare times we have met up and I have no issues at all.
So now... all I can take with this camera is portrait shots, enjoy.