Thursday, October 22, 2009

Playing with the Evolt 510 camera ~ Icelandic horse, Cat and landscapes

Today I was going to go for a ride on my Icelandic Mare Dyfra, on my small farm in NW Oregon. However, Nari the fixed Maincoon that we brought home from the local shelter over a year ago had different ideas. And I just had to take photos.
Nari thought nothing was warmer than soft Icelandic horse fur under her paws, so she made herself at home. You can see how content she is laying on my Icelandic mare's back.
There will be two photos in this set.

I enjoyed the woodland we have here on the farm during my ride, I had DH come out with me so I could take some photos.
Now more problems with the Evolt 510 sadly. Still stuck on Auto, manual no longer works and Olympus knows the issues. Has been in their shop once already. Sigh ~~ Anyway.. trying to take photos that this camera can still handle.
Maybe some day I will be able to afford a real camera like a Nikon D300.