Saturday, August 7, 2010

Navy Phantom

Have started another painting, well sort of. Was going to paint a Navy Phantom but realized after I penciled most of it in... I did not have one of my photo's that would help me draw in the far side of the wings and missiles.
So for now, I guess I need to work on something else. Do not know the fighter well enough to fudge it.
Or maybe get some of it painted and if someone happens to have a photo of one in flight that would let me look at the wings and missiles or at an angle I can see them clearly.. would be grateful.
I like to do what I call,, in your face type angles, like you have seen with my other Military fighters.
This is what I get for jumping the gun and not looking at all the photos I took closely.
Ah Well..

I do have a normal plain side shot.. might work on that one.