Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Icelandic Horse Pen and Charcoal

I was originally working on a Phantom Navy jet but sadly... Mia lost one of the mice she brought into the house and before I could find it.. would you believe it found a way onto my Artist desk and peed all over it. Sigh ~~ So I just tossed it.
Have been meaning to start another one but after that... has taken me awhile to take a chance on another.
Am pretty sure there are no more mice running around the house.

So this one will be a Ink and Charcoal Icelandic Tolting horse based on a photograph Maike has very kindly allowed me to use. Thank you Maike!!
Above you can see the very rough pencil in and just a bit of ink on the mane.

Have just started on this Icelandic's face. Am planning on going slow on this piece as I feel a bit rusty.
Not sure if I will get this one done in time for Christmas but I will try.