Thursday, April 14, 2011

Unicorn WIP 4

I wasn't sure how I was going to place her horn, so I took a thin piece of paper and placed it over my painting. This way, I would not draw and erase on the good hot press many times over, which would ruin the paper.

Since I now had her horn placed on her forehead, it was time to start the back ground. This is the first under layer of color but I had a problem. Using Derwent watercolor pencils makes it nigh on impossible to do large areas of color well.

Rarely do I put watercolor pencil to paper but in the case I would have too. So I used the side of the pencil and slowly did circular motions with various colors onto the hot press paper.

Then I very carefully... with a couple of small brushes, added the smallest amount water to the pigment. Using a circular motion again so I can create the Monet type background I was looking for.


painting techniques said...

I like your blog! Great work on that unicorn!...Daniel