Saturday, July 30, 2011

SNJ4 Texan

This is a digital painting, based off a photograph I took. Using Adobe PS9 to create another Aircraft, this painting took me a month to do, using the mousepad on my laptop and my finger. Not the most elegant way to get a digital painting done but worth it.
I decided to use an old style Ink look.
And continuing with my, In your Face angles, of Military Aircraft.
Navy Trainer SNJ4 Texan hat
Navy Trainer SNJ4 Texan by InkandBrush

Originating from the 1935 open-cockpit, fixed-gear NA-16, the Texan was employed as an advanced trainer, designated as the U.S. Navy’s SNJ. After the war, the planes continued in U.S. military service and flew with at least 55 nations in the role of trainer, fighter, bomber, attack, and transport.
In the next week, I will be getting Mugs and more items up in my Online stores.