Monday, January 14, 2013

Military Fighter ~ WIP 1

Today it is rainy. Perfect day for Art.

Worked on Pooka, the Miniature horse stallion but have to wait until some of the paint dries to work on it more. If I push it, I would chance ruining the whole thing.

Wanted to work on my," Maine Coon laying on my Art table", but the paper is starting to warp. Think because of the different medium combination I am doing with it.  So right now, it is being pressed into shape with a very heavy book.

Have been wanting to do another Military Aircraft. Have many pictures I have personally taken over the years too choose from and goodness is it ever hard to choose.
Decided on the above... another " In Your Face" style I like but a different angle.
Just started penciling it in, will take a couple of days to do this.

It will be in my usual style for this type of Art, a term my DH has dubbed,
"High end Illustration Comic book Art".
What a mouth full, but it seems to suit. LOL