Thursday, February 28, 2013

Long term testing of products

When I can, I do long term testing of some of the products I offer.
This helps insure my buyers will receive the best quality items I can offer.

Above is a Travel Mug from Cafe Press. It is a sturdy mug, well made and DH has been testing this one.
So far, it is well made enough to handle my DH using it, he likes how sturdy/solid it is. Keeps the coffee nice and hot for long periods of time.

Next one is a water bottle from Zazzle. This water bottle is both, made and printed on, in the USA.
I will be testing this one. The print is excellent, so is the quality of this product.
I would however, recommend getting the top with the straw in it.

The on going testing of Zazzle's playing cards is also going well.
Have been using one deck of cards nearly every evening now, playing cribbage with the family.

No signs of wear at this point, which is impressive.  Since we tend to kill decks of cards quickly.

So far, I recommend the Zazzle playing cards, they are spendy, but worth it.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Bell P-59 WIP6

Added the final color to the blue part of the flag. Started to add more detail to the nose of the fighter. Working on the tail and just starting to add color to the under body of the aircraft.
So this piece is coming along.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Elapsed Time ~ Sci-Fi

I have been fighting with... ah.. working on this Space ship for a long time.
Decided to go ahead and create a work of Art with it.
I call this piece, "Elapsed Time".  Let your imagination explore.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bell P-59 WIP5

Is a beautiful sunny day out today but I decided to stay in and work on this piece.

Just a note- the colors are a bit brighter in this photo, than they are in person. Due to camera flash glare.

Added another layer of color to the stripes on the flag and the olive green areas on the plane's body.
Started working on the tail and in and around the engine intakes, with the first layer of color.
Still a lot more to go.

New Rug for my Art Studio

DH bought me a wee rug to go under my Art Studio chair for my Bday.
This will keep me from zooming off into the sunset and hurting myself. LOL
Wheels and wood floor.... are no more!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bell P-59 WIP 4

Started to add more depth of color to the upper part of the flag and adding the under color to part of the fighter.
Using some of the new watercolor pencils, as they have a couple of the colors closer to what I need. Taking a bit to get used too, as they do not lay down quite the same as the Derwents.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A New Contest for a metal print ~

 I will give away a FREE Metal print, approx 20" x 16" size, from Fine Art America, with any piece of my Art work on it,,,,
I can get too, 1000 likes  
On my Face Book page. 

So add your first name to the post on my FB page and pass that around. 
The day I reach 1000 likes on my FB Ink and Brush Creations page, not just to this post. I will put everyone's name in a hat and I will have Mia pick a winner!

What Mediums do I use for Traditional paintings?

Excuse the messy desk, I am in the process of working on two paintings at a time.
Like to leave the mediums out, I am using on each piece. Also place them to how much each is used on a work of Art.

You can see the painting I am working on at present, the photograph I took to use as a reference, various watercolor pencils, brushes and color boards.
I do color boards, so I can quickly remember the hue and shades, both done in wet and dry.

 My favorite paper for this medium is the 140lb Aquarello Fabriano Aristico Extra White Hot press paper. Have found it takes the abuse of many layers of color and ink.

I have for the most part used Derwent watercolor pencils, as I like the quality.
They are great when using Ink on the same painting.

However, I have added the Caran d'Ache watercolor pencil.
It is creamier and a bit smoother going down with some of the colors, but I have not used them enough at this point, to see wither they can handle the layers of color I use?  Or if they will handle Ink, like the Derwents can.

I have slowly been delving back into Water Based Oils. My wonderful and very talented Grammy told me about them, many years ago.
Am glad she did, because I had to give up the traditional oils because how toxic they are.

You can see I favor the MAX brand water based oils.
The canvas I am using at this time are.. Fredrix Blue label for white canvas and for the black canvas, Lyons.

My Process of painting ~~

Here is an example of what I do, to paint a work of Art.
First I use my own photographs, unless I am doing a custom piece for a client.
Then I have permission to use their photographs as a reference.

I go from reference photograph, to penciling in the subject, then adding various
mediums until the piece is completed.

Have always found it important to use my own photos. This way, I "should" have no issues in the futures.

What few Silhouettes I have offered for sale are from pieces like this one.
My Photograph, my original painting... then blacked out to make a Silhouette.
The later has become such an issue the last couple of years, I will  not add
any more Silhouettes for sale. It is not worth the hassle and stress in this day and age.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Art theft is on the rise...


One of my pieces being used without permission.

Email has been sent and hopefully they will do the honest thing and remove it.

Updated Note**  These folks did the right thing. I thank them for it.