Thursday, February 7, 2013

What Mediums do I use for Traditional paintings?

Excuse the messy desk, I am in the process of working on two paintings at a time.
Like to leave the mediums out, I am using on each piece. Also place them to how much each is used on a work of Art.

You can see the painting I am working on at present, the photograph I took to use as a reference, various watercolor pencils, brushes and color boards.
I do color boards, so I can quickly remember the hue and shades, both done in wet and dry.

 My favorite paper for this medium is the 140lb Aquarello Fabriano Aristico Extra White Hot press paper. Have found it takes the abuse of many layers of color and ink.

I have for the most part used Derwent watercolor pencils, as I like the quality.
They are great when using Ink on the same painting.

However, I have added the Caran d'Ache watercolor pencil.
It is creamier and a bit smoother going down with some of the colors, but I have not used them enough at this point, to see wither they can handle the layers of color I use?  Or if they will handle Ink, like the Derwents can.

I have slowly been delving back into Water Based Oils. My wonderful and very talented Grammy told me about them, many years ago.
Am glad she did, because I had to give up the traditional oils because how toxic they are.

You can see I favor the MAX brand water based oils.
The canvas I am using at this time are.. Fredrix Blue label for white canvas and for the black canvas, Lyons.