Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Theft of my Silhouettes ~ and what I have decided to do about it.

The theft of my Silhouettes is rampant, very time consuming and aggravating.

I don't make enough from them to warrant going through this every few months.

Am so very tired of people stealing my Art....even if you do it unknowingly...
If you use Art not your own, check to see if it has an owner and that you are not taking sales from and hence... food from the Artist's mouth.

Its not Kosher on any level and is the same thing as having someone rob you or someone that steals your car or pay check because they like it and do not think they should have to pay for it.
sigh ~~

Just to let the mini folks know, someone out there is using my Miniature Horse Art now, out on free clip art pages, without permission.   Along with previuos thefts of Icelandic Horse Art.
Many times these places will buy my Art, scan it and either sell it or offer it free on the Net.
This hurts all Artists.

I will still offer them, but through me directly, only.
So if you are interesting in an Icelandic or Miniature Horse silhouettes on any product I offer, contact me and I will let you how to purchase what you are looking for.
Email me at ..