Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Fee's, taxes and what not, in this State.....

Friday afternoon, I get a bill in the mail.
Carolina country will charge me $40.00 every 6 months for me using my Camera, computer and scanner...

At the rate they are going with the fees... they will put me out of business. 
Add the $75.00 permit I just had to pay, to be able to create Art in my house....
This is beyond stupid.

Just just do not make enough to Pay an extra $155.00 a year in fees, just for being an Artist in Caroline county, VA.
Almost scared to find out if there are other fees, taxes or permits I will need to pay.

Right now, if  I close one of my Online Art galleries, will be able to afford all their fees and taxes.
However, next year, if my Sales do not pick up.... this County in VA, will effectively  put me out of business as long as I live in this State.

Now I understand why I do not see Cottage industries or Artist's in this county.
No way we can afford to stay in business.

Maybe if I sold Art in DC, I would do better, but I am not physically able to do so. 

Right now, my Art sales are online, if taxes for this state are required, the online Galleries deal with it.  Though none are in this State.
I sell just enough to cover my Website, online Art Galleries, advertise in the Icelandic Horse Magazine and once in awhile, on the largest Miniature Horse forum and a few basic Art supplies.

(I badly need a new camera and other things like that, but have not made enough to afford it at this point. Nor can I afford to advertise like I need to, to make bigger sales)

I have never lived in any State, where they tax a person so heavily, nor all the extra fees and permits.  sigh ~~

Goodness, how I miss Oregon.

Not much I can do about it but wait and see.