Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Looks like it will be the end of Ink and Brush Creations, as long as I live in VA.....

OK Talked with the County.

They want me to add the tables, shelving, desk and so on, to my tax form, along with the room size I use and so on.  Most of my stuff is old and not worth much..... however...
This will increase what I pay them, by a lot.

They told me, they have no idea what the tax will be until April.

They told me I could talk with the Board member in charge of these taxes... but reading between the lines, doubt they would change the taxes for Artists.

If I don't make more than last year, I will be closing things down in April or when I do the Fed/State taxes, which ever is first.

As it is..I am paying for the internet I need, from DH pay check, since the net costs so much here.

Had a good run in Oregon, no stupid fees/taxes or permits. Was able to cover all costs and pay for modest Art supplies.

Here, it is just not possible.

So if anyone wants to purchase any of my Art... you have until April. sigh ~~

As many of you know, I started doing Art again 7 years ago, to help myself control the pain I had, after breaking my back.
It gave me something to focus on and help elevate stress.
Started selling when friends and family wanted to buy my Art.

I Thank each and everyone of you, for standing by me and supporting my Art.

Now I need to go make bread and beat on something....