Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Tired of all the Theft ~

 I live with a chronic illness. The only thing I can do is my Art.

But I am at the point, I am thinking of giving up on that.
Why one may ask? 
Well, because of the amount of theft of of my hard work.

Latest is the Alaska Icelandic Horse club. They have been using and selling, my black silhouette that I "used" to sell, that comes from my original painting of the Icelandic mare I owned, Elska.
Called them out on it, and they have blocked me and have refused to remove it.

I just don't understand the mentality.

Sure, lets rip off a sick persons, only means to make money. 
Because you know, we are not human and never have any bills to pay.

Just tired of all of it and it drains me,
 of what little energy I have.

Photo of the original painting and the Embroidery I still offer... along with some of the the other Icelandic horse Art I created based off my original painting. 
I no longer offer silhouettes for sale.